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Awesome Summer Sunsets

Back in the 80's we would resign ourselves to endure whatever weather the gods would beset on us. I can remember summers that resembled a rainy spring or a mild winter, Our staff were real troopers. They endure trips that sometimes did not see the sun until the last day or were pinned down by gale force winds for mulltiple days. Staff wpuld spend the bulk of two days drying tents out for the next trip only to get rained on for sometimes the entire trip, The moist weather was tuff on guests who were looking for that experience to see whales with sun and snowcapped mountains in the background.

Somewhere around 2012 everything with the weather started to shift to warmer summers where we woild see the sun on every trip and had some weeks in August with fog in the morning and sun with flat calm waters in the afternoon. Fast forward to 2022 and summer is HOT!!!!

Grizz 3.jpg

Grizzlies from the Kayaks  (1/3)

"On any given day in late July during the summer of 2019 we had a unique experience with wildlife. We had finished kayaking for the morning and the wind filled in at 20 knots making it difficult to kayak for the late afternoon. So we loaded our landing craft boat and headed out to do some whale watching. Once out of Johnstone Strait we found some calmer waters in a large passage close to Humpback Whale activity. Winds were still visible but allowed us to enjoy a number of humpback whales in the area. One humpback encircled us as he pursued a feed on herring and other needle fish in the water close by. Within a few minutes everyone on the deck experienced the sight, the sound and impact of a humpback that breached in the distance.

With humpback activity all around the boat and sunny weather it was looking like an afternoon of watching humpback whales. Then I and those who were in the cabin heard a transmission from another tour operator that there were two grizzly bears close to one of the camps.


Time with Billy 


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