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More Than 25 Years Guiding Experience

I kept our sea kayaking company small. I limited trips to ensure a quality wilderness experience on our trips  since 1986. Other company owners have moved on for further horizons but I am a lifer. It takes a long time to become good at guiding and exposing folks to wildlife with interrupting behaviours. I have arrived at this point in my life journey where our team can provide an intimate wilderness experience for our guests.  Our team has some ten years of experience in Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound, Returning each year with the enthusiasm of a teenager to learn more about nature. All we ask of guests  is that you bring "Karma." 

We consider ourselves practicing professionals and remain eager to share a wilderness where first nations has lived for thousands of years.

Local Knowledge Ensures a Safe and Fun Trip

Our intimate understanding of local waters, weather, and wildlife behaviour allows us to provide our travellers with spontaneous and exciting experiences every day. As you relax into this natural environment, we share insights into local wildlife, culture, history and environmental preservation.     Larry Roy 2023

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