1. Great experience.

    I hope all’s going well. I guess you’re in a little more laid back phase between tours and ski patrol. We’re still kayaking here in West Michigan with some crazy warm weather, soon to change. Everyone enjoyed our pictures and tales of our great experience. All the best.…Read More

    Art Plewka, Western Michigan, USA
  2. More than one mystic moment.

    We are back in Switzerland and have already managed our first week back to work. It is very crowded here in our small country, especially when you come back from Canada, where there is so much space and air to breath. We had such a great time on Sophia Island, we will never forget that. There was more than one mystic moment together with Dean and Amy on our Kajak trips and also on our small Island…Read More

    Lotti and Phillippe, Genvienna, Switzerland
  3. Once in a lifetime journey

    Definitely was the hi-light of 2015. One thing the photos didn’t capture were the amazing people we met and made friends with on this once in a lifetime journey. The Kids can’t wait till we return for another adventure. Thanks Larry Roy and team!…Read More

    E. Eerkes