1. Terrific 4 day Orca trip.

    We just got home today after our terrific 4 day orca trip with Discovery. We were wondering if the whales that we saw on September 2 and 3 have been identified. We are thinking of adopting a whale and want to adopt one that we saw up close and personal. Maybe the baby that was swimming with mama both days. How can we contact them? Had a great time. Tash and Karen were excellent guides. Thanks for …Read More

    Ella & Alex Herz. Geneva, Switzerland, 2012 August
  2. Hoping all is well.

    I thought of you while reading this article today. Hoping all is well with you and yours. I’ll have to say that I really missed the whales this past August.…Read More

    Rocco Myer, Long Beach, California, August 2009, 2010, 2011
  3. Memories I will not forget.

    My daughter and I were in Telegraph Cove just a few weeks ago. Looking back now I still miss it. You and I gabbed, philosophized, and solve a few world problems one afternoon of our trip. Those are memories I will not forget. I know that a whole lot of people who have been up to northern Vancouver Island leave different that when they came.…Read More

    Tony Cowan, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2012 July
  4. I’ll come back.

    I’ve had to request six more copies of your brochure for potential customers so maybe you’ll get to know more folks from Hayward. Maybe I’ll come back with the rookies to show them the ropes.…Read More

    Linda Kewith Hayward, Wisconsin, Orca Classic, August 2010
  5. The paddling and the weather was enchanting.

    Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to the Johnstone Strait. The team at Discovery was first class and did everything to make our trip enjoyable. I did not expect to see Orca the first day. The paddling and the weather was enchanting.…Read More

  6. Very enjoyable.

    My family and I enjoyed our Orca Explorer 4 day sea kayaking trip. Both Jessie and Karen were excellent guides, who provided significant insight to our environment and made our trip very enjoyable. We would be pleased to refer the trip to our friends and would be pleased to be a reference for any of your future customers.…Read More

    Yager Family Oakville, Ontario, Orca Explorer, 2011 July
  7. It was a great experience!

    I’M STILL DAYDREAMING ABOUT OUR KAYAKING TRIP. It was a great experience! Thank you for being a great guide. I really enjoyed the trip and am planning out next kayaking adventure to see belugas in the Arctic…I also came away from the trip with a greater will towards saving our old growth forests and I am taking a course called, "Our Forests: A Citizens Survey of Current Issues," to get a bette…Read More

    Nancy & John Paris, North Vancouver, BC, 2011 August
  8. Fascinating adventure.

    Thank you for a fascinating adventure, it’s one I will treasure always. My twin and his wife are very interested, so perhaps next year, you’ll meet my other half. Take Care.…Read More

    John Seeley Seattle, Washington, Smith Sound, 2010 July
  9. Exhilarating way to spend our honeymoon.

    Were finally getting around to sending you the pictures we promised. Seems like so long ago when we ere up there, but we look back on our pictures with fond memories. It was a very exhilarating way to spend our honeymoon. Every once in awhile we still find ourselves making "whoosh sounds" to remind us of the whales!…Read More

    John & Mary Prigot, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Orca I July
  10. Thanks for making it all possible.

    I can still remember the day we paddled along side the large lone bull off the shores of Kakash Creek. The was a magical day, flat calm waters, sunshine and Orca, what more could we ask for. Thanks for making it all possible.…Read More

    Leslie & Pete Ullstrup, Scottsdale, Arizona, July 2009