If you’re planning a trip to Johnstone Strait and Vancouver Island, you’re setting yourself up for the experience of a lifetime.

Forget about family trips to Sea World, amusement parks or aquariums — at Johnstone Strait, you can experience wildlife in its natural habitat and within inches of your sea kayak. For an adventurous, experiential trip, there’s nothing better than sea kayaking along the inlets of Johnstone Strait.

Featured Wildlife Species In Johnstone Strait

While the type of wildlife you might see depends on the seasons, the following are the featured wildlife species of this Vancouver Island area.

1. Orca Whales

It’s impossible to talk about the wildlife of Johnstone Strait without first mentioning Orca whales. These famed whales might be more passive than their nickname makes them sound, but they’re still a killer sight to behold.

From May through October, Orca whales swim through the Johnstone Strait and make the area British Columbia’s richest Orca habitat. Indeed, experts estimate that up to 250 Orcas inhabit the area.

On your trip, you might see Orcas swimming along, rubbing up on pebble beaches, and socializing with each other.

2. Humpback Whales

Orcas aren’t the only whale species to inhabit the waters around Johnstone Strait. In fact, both humpback and minke whales are also native to the Johnstone waters.

A half-century ago, humpback whales were actually extremely close to extinction as a result of whaling. Now, though, the humpback species is resurfacing again. Watch as they swim alongside your sea kayak and listen as they sing their iconic whale song.

3. Harbour Seals

Harbour seals are an entertaining sight to see, and you’ll probably see a lot of them on your visit to Johnstone Strait. Water creatures by nature, Harbour seals often have difficulty moving around on land. You’ll see them flop around beaches as they try to land themselves back in the water, where their flippers serve more as an engine and less as a liability.

If you take a sea kayaking trip, you’ll be able to spot Harbour seals along the rocky outcroppings. Keep an eye out, as these seals blend in very nicely with the brown-colored rocks.

4. Eagles

A lot of Johnstone Strait’s wildlife spectacles involve the ocean, but we’d be remiss if we failed to mention the spectacular bird species as well. Eagles, kingfishers, and other sea birds flock to the area, often perching along the rocks of the inlets.

During sea kayaking expeditions, eagles are known to soar around the more remote areas of the Johnstone Strait. Look down to see whales and look up to behold brilliant eagles.

Sea Kayaking With Discovery Expeditions

To experience the wildlife of Johnstone Strait in an authentic and personal capacity, there’s no better choice than joining a sea kayaking expedition.

As the Top Rated Local® sea kayaking tour company in Johnstone Strait, Discovery Expeditions leads multi-day sea kayaking adventures. Browse our sea kayaking trip itineraries today, and be sure to give us a call with any questions or to book your family sea kayaking trip in Johnstone Strait.