If you’re heading to Vancouver Island and Johnstone Strait to sea kayak with orcas, you’re in for an incredible treat.

Seeing orcas in their natural habitat might be one of the most majestic, awe-inspiring scenes — especially when you’re up close and personal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sea Kayaking Expeditions

As you prepare for your sea kayaking expedition, though, you might have a few questions. As the Top Rated Local® guided sea kayaking tour company in Johnstone Strait, we’ve been fielding questions for the last two decades. As such, we want to compile those questions and our answers into a helpful resource.

As always, feel free to give our sea kayaking company a call today with any questions!

1. Do I need sea kayaking experience to enjoy the trip?

This might be the question we get asked most frequently, and the answer is an unequivocal “no!” In fact, our sea kayaking trips each include one or more expert guides who will teach you the fundamentals of sea kayaking.

While it does help to be in decent physical condition and to ensure you can rotate your shoulders effectively for the motion of kayaking, our sea kayak expedition crew will do the rest. When you reach camp on Johnstone Strait, you’ll have a chance for our kayak guides to give you a lesson before you ever enter the kayak.

Don’t let a fear of or inexperience with sea kayaking stop you from an incredible outdoor adventure.

2. Is it safe to be close to Orca whales?

Orca whales might be called “Killer Whales,” but we think this distinction gives them a bad rap. In fact, Orcas are tremendously smart, sensitive, observant, and responsive. They don’t go near the kayaks and certainly don’t attempt to bump them around or flip them.

A good rule of thumb, as always when you’re in a natural ecosystem, is to tread as lightly and leave as little trace as possible. While making loud noises and splashing still aren’t necessarily dangerous, it can compromise the sanctity of the outdoors and the beautiful Johnstone Strait. Your kayak guides will brief you on all of this before your expedition, but we think it’s an important reminder.

3. Are there bathrooms available on kayaking trips?

Yes! All of our three-, four-, and six-day kayaking trips have a base camp complete with bathroom facilities, a gazebo, and set-up tents.

While you’re out on the water, you obviously don’t have access to a bathroom facility. Our guides are experienced, though, and they know how to schedule activities and day trips to maximize your overall experience and comfort.

4. Is sea kayaking a family-friendly activity?

Yes! In fact, most of our sea kayaking adventures are designed for families. Be sure to browse our family kayaking expedition page to learn more about the benefits of sea kayaking trips for families.

Discovery Expeditions In Johnstone Strait

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