If you’re looking to get your family away from screens and back into nature, there’s no better choice than a sea kayaking adventure.

While the prospect of spending multiple days on the water with teenagers might seem like more of a nightmare than a vacation, think again.

Reasons To Sea Kayak With Your Family

Sea kayaking is an incredible family-oriented vacation that will please even the trickiest of teens. Check out these reasons to take a sea kayaking vacation with your family.

1. Sea Kayaking Requires Physical Exertion

One of the reasons family vacations can go downhill fast is that there’s too much inactivity. Teenagers, especially those who play sports, get restless, cranky, and sullen. It’s hard on adults, too, who are used to fast-paced days and exercise classes.

Instead of being cooped up in a hotel room or inside the fifth museum of the trip, your family can work out and stay active during a sea kayaking adventure.

Plus, everyone can get their own kayak. This will allow your energetic daughter to plow ahead and keep up with the guide, while you and your partner can hang back and take in the amazing Orca whales and sea porpoises.

2. Sea Kayaking Tours Include Other People

Even the happiest and healthiest of families develop dynamics when they spend too much time together. Luckily, most sea kayaking trips involve a group.

This way, your kids can go off and become friends with other kids on the trip and you can socialize with the adults.

Kids also tend to be on their best behavior when other people are around. If there aren’t peers in the group, our sea kayaking guides are well-versed in making the expeditions fun and engaging for every member of the trip.

3. Sea Kayaking Minimizes Screen Time

You might be able to sea kayak effectively with a Nintendo Switch in your hand, but we’ve never seen it done before.

In fact, most of the remote wilderness areas we venture toward on our sea kayak trips don’t have any service. Considering that we’re on the water for most of the day, it’s also inadvisable to be on electronic devices.

The beauty and solitude of the Johnstone Strait can be overwhelming in the best way possible — your kids won’t even think about the snaps they’re missing because they’ll be engaged with the world around them.

4. Sea Kayaking Is Great For Animal Lovers

Sea kayaking isn’t just about getting out on the water. It’s also one of the absolute best ways to appreciate the Vancouver ecosystem. Watch as Orca whales swim right alongside your glass-bottomed kayak. Sit transfixed as an eagle swoops down and catches a salmon from the water in front of you.

If your family has an appreciation for animals and nature, sea kayaking is a gold mine of opportunity.

Sea Kayaking With Discovery Expeditions

As the Top Rated Local® sea kayaking tour company in Johnstone Strait, Discovery Expeditions leads multi-day, family-friendly sea kayaking adventures. Browse our sea kayaking trip itineraries today, and be sure to give us a call with any questions or to book your family sea kayaking trip in Johnstone Strait.