If you visit any coastal town, chances are you’ll see “Whale Watching Cruises” advertised on every dock. You might see a few old-school pontoon boats, a zippy speed boat, or even a majestic sail boat.

While getting on the water in any form is nice, taking a boat cruise is actually not a great way to whale watch. You’re far away from the action; the boats tend to scare away the whales; and, you’re stuck on a boat for a few hours without being able to swim, walk, or do anything active.

Instead, if you want to get the real whale watching experience, sea kayaking is the definitive way to go.

4 Reasons To Choose Sea Kayaking For Whale Watching

As the Top Rated Local® sea kayaking tour company in Johnstone Strait and Vancouver Island, we might be a bit biased. Still, we contend that sea kayaking is the absolute best way to truly experience the Johnstone Strait wildlife and ecosystems.

1. Sea Kayaking Gets You Close

When we say close, we mean it. Boats can only get so close to a herd of whales without endangering them or scaring them off. You might see whales poke out of the water or do a few jumps, but you’re watching from afar, struggling to zoom in with your camera or needing to squint with your eyes.

In a sea kayak, on the other hand, you can get as close to the Orcas as possible. Ethical guidelines generally call for at least 100 yards of space between humans and whales to respect the passing whales, but this is still very close. And, if you’re lucky, passing whales might get even closer to your kayak as they swim by.

2. Sea Kayaks Have Glass Bottoms

At Discovery Expeditions in Johnstone Strait, our sea kayaks have glass bottoms. This means you have an eye to the ocean and can look down to see the incredible aqua landscape as you kayak. It’s hard to explain how glass-bottomed kayaks truly make you feel like you’re one with the water — it’s a sensation you just have to experience for yourself.

From beholding brightly colored coral groves to seeing Orca whales swim past your group, having a glass-bottomed kayak is one of the best ways to experience the water.

3. Sea Kayaks Allow You To Go Your Own Pace

Because you amble along in sea kayaks at your own pace, you can also stop and look at anything that interests you. On a boat, however, you’re out of control — when the captain wants to drive quickly, they will. When the captain notices something interesting, they will stop.

In a sea kayak, though, you can choose exactly what you want to spend time looking at. You might not be as interested in fish, but what about the eagles that are flocking overhead? Whatever you want to look at, being a sea kayak gives you the option to do so.

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