At Discovery Expeditions, we are firm believers in the old adage that life shouldn’t be measured by the breaths we take, but rather by the moments which take our breath away.

With our Johnstone Strait sea kayaking expeditions, you too can renew your harmony with nature and experience a once-in-a-lifetime, breathtaking excursion which brings you closer than ever before to the vast beauty that our planet and ecosystem has to offer.

During this upcoming 2019 season choice your trip from selection of established trips 0f  3, 4 or 6 days. Each trip offers something a little different for you and your family. From whale and wildlife watching, to exploring our natural rainforest, to sea kayaking a combination of open and sheltered waters in Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago.  We have a trip for every age and ability level.

Keep reading to learn a bit more about some of our top guided sea kayaking trips in 2019, and book a tour today. Call 1-250-619-2714 to talk to us today.

Orca Explorer Wilderness Adventure

No trip guide would be complete without our longest-running and most popular Johnstone Strait sea kayaking trip.

The 2019 Orca Explorer is back and more breathtaking than ever. With use one base camp, the only secluded island where the scenery is spectacular and the whales sighting are possibly the best in the area.  You can see whales from basecamp. A number of other marine mammals visit the waters around our ISLAND basecamp.  This four-day sea kayaking trip is perfect for couples, families, friends, and more. This in-depth trip brings you close to the most majestic marine mammals as they swim, play, and occasionally breach to say hello.

The Orca Explorer trip is highly involved, features several days of sea kayaking, and allows the opportunity to understand the movement and vocalizations of Orcas, and occasionally humpback whales. Visits with summer researchers and a classic rainforest walk to a vantage point where the view looks right into the whale reserve.

Trips run from Monday through Thursday, starting with our first expedition of the season on June 11.2019 and running all the way through our final expedition on Sept. 20.2019 After mid September the shorter days and unpredictable weather narrow trips down float house and lodge based sea kayaking trips.

Book your trip today and discover Johnstone Strait sea kayaking like never before in 2018.

Orca Galore Wilderness Adventure 

Returning from our previous years’ offerings is the Orca Galore family trip, which is an intimate excursion designed specifically for families. This trip brings together sea kayaking, whale watching, rainforest hiking, and a host of other family-friendly outdoor activities.

You and your family will never forget this expedition, which sets up an island base camp (with full facilities for maximum comfort).

The Orca Galore excursion takes us through three days of intimate sea kayaking amongst the area’s Orca pods, allowing you to see these (and other) majestic creatures up close and personal. Trips begin in June and run through September, during prime whale watching season. Learn more about the Orca Galore sea kayaking trip in Johnstone Strait and book today.

South Broughton Wilderness Adventure

The South Broughton Wilderness Adventure is a unique, awe-inspiring four-day sea kayaking adventure. This trip highlights a combination of sheltered water kayaking with a visit to abandoned native sites and coastline kayaking in the waters of summer Humpback Whales. Our daily journeys take us through the sheltered passages and clusters of small islands.

This kayak expedition takes us into sheltered waters and sets camp on the edge of frequent marine mammal activity; highlighting the juvenile Humpback Whales of Blackfish Sound. Last summer,  we ended up with eleven humpback in this area for most of August and early September. Orcas and other dolphins frequent the waters just north of camp and are accessible on select days of the trip.  But that’s not all. Our South Broughton sea kayaking trip leads us into an area rich in native cultural history. Here is where natives once hunted and gathered from the nutrients of nature. Here wildlife thrives on the abundance of food in the forest and at the marine shoreline.

Trips begin June 12 and run through mid-September. Book your South Broughton sea kayaking trip today.

North Broughton Wilderness Adventure

This is a six day wilderness adventure that take you on a journey through the heart of the Broughton Archipelago.  It highlights staying at rustic camps on remote island setting.  A large variety of wildlife is observed as the trip progress from sheltered to open waters where whales can be observed. Folks thinking about this trip should have good camping habits and be used to moving from camp to camp.

It is possible on these trips to view Black Bear at low tide is select locations on route to island camps. Weather changes are usual on these trips because of the distances we cover each day. The kayaking is moderate. Our journey takes you through sheltered passages that lead to rookeries of seals, sea lions and otters. Sightings of shorebirds and bald eagles is a daily occurrence.

The itinerary is flexible to take the best the weather can give us. Some days are longer than others. Our final day puts us in the waters where you will paddle within sighting of whales.

The trip is supported by our transport boat on select days and our start or finish is done in conjunction with local cabin accommodations.

Trips dates are set for the best times to see maximum wildlife and paddle smooth waters. Twice a month in July, August and September.

Book through email to us and follow it with a phone call to confirm your dates and give us a deposit.