2019 Orca Explorer is our longest running (18 years) and most popular sea kayaking trip for couples, families, and groups of friends. One spectacular island base camp is on a secluded small island in the CORE area of Johnstone Strait. This base camp is in a Park Conservancy that is on the major whale routes. This camp is CLAMPING at it's best. The backdrop to this site is a 180 degree view of Robs…Read More

  2. 4 Reasons To Sea Kayak With Your Family

    If you’re looking to get your family away from screens and back into nature, there’s no better choice than a sea kayaking adventure. While the prospect of spending multiple days on the water with teenagers might seem like more of a nightmare than a vacation, think again. Reasons To Sea Kayak With Your Family Sea kayaking is an incredible family-oriented vacation that will please even the trick…Read More

  3. About Our 6-Day Orca Adventure

    At Discovery Expeditions, we’re incredibly excited for our upcoming six-day sea kayaking adventures. If you’re up for a nearly week-long journey through the incredible coastal ecosystem of Broughton Marine Park, there’s no better sea kayaking expedition to join. Learn more about this six-day sea kayaking trip, and be sure to book with Discovery Expeditions before slots fill up. Dates For Our…Read More

  4. The Incredible Whale and Wildlife Species Of Johnstone Strait

    If you’re planning a trip to Johnstone Strait and Vancouver Island, you’re setting yourself up for the experience of a lifetime. Forget about family trips to Sea World, amusement parks or aquariums — at Johnstone Strait, you can experience wildlife in its natural habitat and within inches of your sea kayak. For an adventurous, experiential trip, there’s nothing better than sea kayaking alo…Read More


    2019 South Broughton Explorer is a four-day three night adventure in the core area of humpback whales, sea lions and maturing bald eagles. Every day of the trip will have it surprises. The area we kayak in consists of a series of  rainforested islands, rocky islets and sandy beaches. The area you will kayak in features scenic passages rich in marine life and often holds wildlife surprises when yo…Read More

  6. 3 Reasons Why Kayaking Is The Best Way To Whale Watch

    If you visit any coastal town, chances are you’ll see “Whale Watching Cruises” advertised on every dock. You might see a few old-school pontoon boats, a zippy speed boat, or even a majestic sail boat. While getting on the water in any form is nice, taking a boat cruise is actually not a great way to whale watch. You’re far away from the action; the boats tend to scare away the whales; and,…Read More

  7. FAQs About Sea Kayaking Expeditions

    If you’re heading to Vancouver Island and Johnstone Strait to sea kayak with orcas, you’re in for an incredible treat. Seeing orcas in their natural habitat might be one of the most majestic, awe-inspiring scenes — especially when you’re up close and personal. Frequently Asked Questions About Sea Kayaking Expeditions As you prepare for your sea kayaking expedition, though, you might have a…Read More


    2019 Orca Galore, is an intimate three day sea kayaking adventure designed to take in the best in wildlife and kayaking in the Core Area of Johnstone Strait. These trips sometimes are combined with "Orca Explorer." You are water taxi in to camp the first day. The fun starts the moment we leave the dock. Along the route to camp we stop for whales and other marine mammal sighting in the area.  Trip…Read More

  9. Upcoming Family Kayaking Trips In Johnstone Strait

    If you’re looking to take a family vacation that will get your active family outdoors, adventuring, and exercising, look no further than a sea kayaking vacation in Johnstone Strait. Our Top Rated Local® guided sea kayaking tour company, Discovery Expeditions, has a great line-up for the 2019 sea kayaking season. If you want to plan an epic and adventurous vacation for your family, one of these …Read More


    2019 North Broughton Nomad: is a (6) six-day sea kayak adventure that takes you on a journey through the entire length of the Broughton Marine Park. Daily paddling takes in about 5-6 miles. The area is a blend of clusters of rain forested islands and scenic passages. The kayaking is moderate in difficulty and challenging in the open water sections.  This marine and land based wildlife provide di…Read More