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Your Kayaking Guides

Our team consists of guides and support staff who consider themselves....practicing professionals. Each summer we start in May and renew our hard and soft skills in preparation for the season ahead. Overall, we think this helps to ensure a safe and memorable sea kayak experience

Your Safety

For more than twenty-five years, we have been blessed with a staff of educated professional sea kayaking guides. We have employed a considerable number of staff and guides from a variety of backgrounds.

All our guides have a passion for introducing folks to the remarkable environment we live in on the West Coast of Canada

Certified Sea Kayaking Guides

All of our guides are certified under provincial agencies and recertify every two years. Under the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC, our guides take part in updating seasonal skills that ensure a smooth transition into our summer sea kayaking season


Wilderness First Aid Training

Under the Wilderness First Aid Association of BC, our guides have completed a ten-day comprehensive First Aid course that ensures their abilities to deal with a mishap in the outdoor environment.

All of our guides are also required to participate in our yearly training and safety sessions before the season starts to ensure their skills are up to date

Outdoor Cooking Experience

Our lead guides are also seasoned cooks with several years of outdoor cooking experience.

Each guide attends SKGABC exchanges every two years. We do pre-season training before we get on the water for the season

Years Local Knowledge

After our refresher, our guides have once again started their quest for a thorough understanding of the local weather, waters, tides, currents, wildlife, and terrain. Often, guides will split away between trips to explore new areas.

Each of our sea kayaking guides has logged a great number of hours kayaking on a variety of waters in the Broughton Archipelago and Johnstone Strait

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