Larry Roy

About Discovery Expeditions

More Than 25 Years’ Guiding Experience

For more than 20 years, under the leadership of Owner/Operator Larry Roy, Discovery Expeditions has been offering fully serviced sea kayaking expeditions to remote wilderness destinations around Vancouver Island and along the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. He maintains time of the water everyday he can get there.

Local Knowledge Ensures a Safe and Fun Trip

Our intimate understanding of local waters, weather, and wildlife behaviour allows us to provide our travelers with spontaneous and exciting experiences every day. As you relax into this natural environment, we share insights into local wildlife, culture, history, and environmental preservation.

Philosophy & Setting

We ensure that your sea kayak trip is safe and enjoyable and that it becomes a cherished lifetime memory. The breathtaking beauty of the islands, inlets, abundant wildlife, and sounds of this area offer you an unparalleled wilderness experience.

Exploring this area via kayak allows you to connect with your natural surroundings at a very personal level, enriching your entire trip.

We have learned the most effective ways to offer exciting wildlife encounters, such as whale watching, while staying at an acceptable distance from the animals so as not to change their behaviour. We often find that as we remain still and quiet, wildlife will approach us, offering our travelers a close, intimate encounter with the area.

Safety & Comfort

For your security and comfort, we supply safe, easy-to-use equipment. Our experienced guides know the area well, carry emergency communications equipment, and are trained in Wilderness First Aid.

From the heated cabin in our landing-craft transport boat, to hot showers, sauna, clean composting toilets, and sheltered tent platforms at our established island  basecamp, you are guaranteed a level of comfort not usually possible with travel packages in such a wilderness setting.

Locally Owned and Operated

Discovery Expeditions is a locally-owned Vancouver Island business. We take great pride in supporting other Vancouver Island businesses in small towns along the coast and strive to ensure that our sea kayak tours respect all aspects of the environmental code and the ecosystems we visit.

Wilderness Conservation

Over the years, we have come to the aid and support of many causes that help the areas we’re operating in to remain a wild and intact ecosystem.

Sophia Islands – Johnstone Strait
Cracroft Point Research Station
Close Encounter with a playful Orca
Close Encounter with a playful Orca.
Exploring Johnstone Strait by Kayak
Exploring Johnstone Strait by Kayak.
Larry Rescuing a bald eagle
Larry Rescuing a bald eagle.