The west coast of Baja offers sea kayaking and exploring in a landscape of long sandy beaches with Magdelena Bay on one side and the open Pacific Ocean on the other side.

Our adventure travel trips are unique in the fact that we use established camps on Magdelena Bay. Here, we can experience all that Baja has to offer in sea kayaking and wildlife. Our trips take you from paddling open water to paddling quiet estuaries of mangroves with viewing the birdlife as a treat. Often, Humpback and Gray Whales are seen as we make our way from one camp to another.

Camps are established close to good fishing and within sight of wildlife. Our access to the long sandy beaches of the Pacific side are within a few kilometers walk from camps. Hike in the nearby hills for panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Our dates are set for February and March of 2020. We are operating 4-day trips on most weeks and finishing the season on a 6-day trip. Our experience tells us that this is the best time to visit this area of the West Coast of Baja.



Trip Dates:      February 21  – March 16

Per Person:  USD$950

Group Rates:  Group of 4  USD$3400


What do our trips include:

  • All the meals, except breakfast day 1 and dinner day 4
  • All sea kayaking gear
  • Seasoned Guides
  • Panga -whale watching day tour
  • Final lunch hotel in San Carlos
  • Dome camping tents

What does the tour not include:

  • Breakfast day 1 and dinner day 4
  • Gratitudes café’, panga driver, guides
  • Sleeping bags (available if required for rent $25 for trip)
  • Wetsuit or snorkeling gear (available if required rent $25 for trip)
  • Accommodation in San Carlos, transportation to and from san carlos.


Arrival Day:   After a two (2) hour  scenic drive Loreto or La Paz, you will arrive in Puerto San Carlos. Your destination for the night is a comfortable Hotel (Mary Arena Hotel)in San Carlos. We will meet you at a small café in the middle of town at 7 pm for a no host dinner. This a social occasion to  lay the plan out for the trip and  answer any remaining questions about the trip. Details on using a support boat, location of camps, wildlife to see and return times on the last day of the trip will all be outlined. Luggage storage and parking in San Carlos are including in the cost of trip you paid.

DAY 1:

We meet at our launching site (usually at the beach by Mary Arena Hotel) at around 7 am, with all the equipment ready and our gear. To make logistic easier, everyone is on their own on breakfast for day 1, just arrange it with the people at your hotel. First order of business is packing our equipment into single or double sea kayaks. A safety session on the beach is the next item on the agenda. And finally, we will pull out the map, identify where we are paddling for the day. The day gradually takes in a 6 km southwest to a mangrove stop for lunch. Here is a time to explore our first mangrove area. Our final destination for the day is long sandy beach where is a great view of Magdelena Bay southward, a sunset to the west and a beach to stretch your legs. We have dinner  around a small beach fire and enjoy the stars before turning for the night.

DAY 2:

For those bird lovers, bird watching is always an option first thing in the morning, since our camp is right by the mangroves. After breakfast we pack lunch with us and venture into the mangroves with our kayaks. Mangroves are a big part of this Bay and offer and incredible experience, especially with our quite kayaks. There will be opportunity for bird watching and maybe some sea food hunting, like clams, scallops, oysters and may be a bit of some spear fishing. If interested in snorkeling, a thin wetsuit is advisable, since the waters is a bit cold at this time of the year. We find a good place for lunch, we relax explore and paddle back to our camp site for dinner and other small fire.

DAY 3:

Day three is our whale watching tour day. So we have breakfast, pack some snacks water, cameras and a Panga (local fishing boat, conditioned for whale watching tours) will pick us up early in the morning. The day trip will expose you an amazing number of cetaceans that populate these waters this time of the year. Our local captain has a wealth of knowledge of whale sightings and fishing spots. Grey whales will be the focus of our day.  After a short stop in Bahia Magdalena we will return to our beach camp.  We arrive back in time to take a walk in the sand dunes and check out the Pacific side of our campsite. We return for dinner, share stories around the fire and enjoy another night of stars.

DAY 4:

We get up early for a simple and nutritious breakfast, catch a morning walk along where the mangroves meet the sand dunes and pack gear. Set out to cross Magdelena Bay and return to our hotel in San Carlos. We will have time say goodbye and exchange emails at Mary Aventuras Hotel.  We have lunch at the hotel make sure everyone have all they came with and say a heart felt goodbye.