1. Top Trips For The Upcoming Season

    At Discovery Expeditions, we are firm believers in the old adage that life shouldn’t be measured by the breaths we take, but rather by the moments which take our breath away. With our Johnstone Strait sea kayaking expeditions, you too can renew your harmony with nature and experience a once-in-a-lifetime, breathtaking excursion which brings you closer than ever before to the vast beauty that our…Read More


    2018 Orca Galore, is an intimate three day sea kayaking adventure designed for every level of experience. We will plan a variety of activities for the everyone each day of your trip. Highlights include daily kayaking, fishing, whale watching, short walks in the rain forest, camp activities and best of all lots of kayaking in glass bottomed kayaks. A unique preset island base camp complete with wil…Read More


    2018 North Broughton Nomad is a six-day sea kayak adventure that takes you on a journey through the entire length of the Broughton Marine Park. This adventure is a classic that takes in heaps of wildlife sightings, native culture and a blend of kayaking sheltered and exposed waters that surround the Park. Highlights include six days of camping/sea kayaking through a maze of island and islets fea…Read More


    Consider this get-away!  For 2018, looking for a trip that combines kayak every day and relaxing in a private cabin in the evening. This trip is unique and packed with activities with fun in mind. Your experience begins with a quick cruise to our destination. Viewing whales in the morning and kayaking in the afternoon-early evening. And two nights stay at quaint accommodation. This accommodation …Read More

  5. New Whale in Johnstone Strait this Summer!

    Hello Adventure Travel Folks!! At Discovery Kayaking Ltd. we are optimistic that we will be sharing waters with a sperm whale when we sea kayak this summer. During the past few days, a special whale has shown up in the waters around our base camp in Johnstone Strait. It creates more to see on your kayak vacations.The occurrence is special! Not just because the sperm whale returned this mornin…Read More

  6. Highlights From The 2018 Orca Explorer Wilderness Adventure

    The year 2018 is full of possibilities. One of the most exciting parts about a new year is the opportunity to reinvent yourself and try new things. Why not try a brand new adventure while also aligning with nature? Discovery Expeditions’ main goal is to help you find yourself while exploring the vast beauty of nature and some of the most majestic creatures we have in our midst. With our Johnston…Read More

  7. Experience the South Broughton Region

    Please note this video is almost 17 minutes long. Experience the journey to Port McNeil and beyond! All Credits to Patrick Hogan, the great! And Jenn Hall for bringing all her wonderful funky friends to the best part of the BC Coast, again and again.  Patrick's video gives you an example of the journey to the Port Mcneill gateway to the Broughton Marine Park on the coastal side of Queen Charlotte…Read More

  8. Live video from OrcaLab

    Our friends at OrcaLab.org are steaming live from Hanson Island in the Johnstone Strait. You can watch the stream on exlpore.org and see if any orca are passing through the strait off of Vancouver Island. You can visit this stunning location in the Orca's 'core habitat' by booking your Orca Explorer Wilderness Adventure today. Learn more about the vital work OrcaLab does by visiting their site…Read More

  9. Watch Orca Breaching Near Our Base Camp

    This is the view from the beach on our island base camp in Johnstone Strait. It is an everyday occurrence during the months of summer. This footage was on the I-15 pod of Orca breaching and splashing right in front of camp. Their were a number of whales showing off behaviours that day. This sighting occurred in the late afternoon after we had seen other resident Orca travelling as we sea kayaked a…Read More


    2017 South Broughton Explorer is a four-day sea kayaking trip that explores the clusters of islands that make up the southern portion of the Broughton Archipelago. Our kayaking runs along the edge of waters where both Humpback whales and Orca whales travel and play. Each day, we venture through remote passages and clusters of islets rich in marine life and perfect for a day of whale watching and s…Read More