2018 Orca Galore, is an intimate three day sea kayaking adventure designed for every level of experience. We will plan a variety of activities for the everyone each day of your trip. Highlights include daily kayaking, fishing, whale watching, short walks in the rain forest, camp activities and best of all lots of kayaking in glass bottomed kayaks.

  • A unique preset island base camp complete with wilderness facilities is used to ensure a comfortable experience in all kinds of weather.
  • Camp is visited by eagles, seals, sea lions, a variety of whales from Orcas to Humpbacks. All within the lense of your camera/iphone.
  • Surprise and spontaneous experiences fill each trip.
  • You see whales, listen to whales and often go to sleep to the sound of whales close by.
  • You can take photos’ of whales as they pass by our kayaks. Sea kayaking is done during the morning, afternoon and evenings.
  • Tents sites are private and located to take advantage of the sights and sounds of orca, eagles, humpbacks, ravens and a myriad of songbirds.
  • Base camp is an surrounded by rainforest that supports an ecosystem of flora and fauna. Ours trips offer you life long memories and an experience few ever forget.


Trip Camping: Base Camp  Tents on Platforms
Trip Cost: Adult $950.00 pp  Teens $800.00 pp
Group Trip Cost: Starts @ $3400.00 for (4)
Trip Deposit Required: $250.00 per person


June 01-03,  June 12-14,   June 19-21,  June 22-24

July 03-05,   July 10-12,   July 17-19,  July 24-26,   July 31- 02

August 07-09,  August 14-16,  August 21-23,  August 28-30

September 04-06,   September 11-13,   September 18-20

NOTE:  Custom Dates are available upon request.


Our trips depart exclusively from Port McNeill. Orca Galore is designed to give you the best sea kayaking and wildlife viewing that Johnstone Strait has to offer.


The first morning guides will meet you at our office in Port McNeill, load gear, park vehicles and venture out to enjoy a glimpse of whale activity on our morning shuttle Sophia Island base camp. Guests and guides are dropped off at a nearby beach and paddle along the whale routes to base camp. Wildlife can be seen closeby on the water, in the trees and along the shoreline.  Arrival at camp is within a hour  of departure unless whales are passing by the island.  It is far more than a quaint island. Keep your eyes open for whales passing by, yes, you can see them from camp. Robson Bight is visible just across the Strait. As evening arrives around 8 pm we light a small beach fire, roast marshmallows and chat what tomorrow might bring. Whale sightings are spontaneous and numerous. Evening visits are frequent


The second morning starts with a morning departure that often catches wildlife forging, the sun rising and the water quiet. Our daily activities encompass marine mammals viewing, berry picking, eagle observations and low tide exploration. We also take time to visit unique points of interest in the rainforest forest that surround Johnstone Strait. Highlights include a visit to 800 year old cedars and exploration of the waters immediately around Robson Bight. Often it is here where we have our most interesting associations with Orca. We have experienced a variety of situations with certain pods of Orca but the best encounters occur when we raft-up and let the whales choose whether to play or simply pass us by. Amazing situations have evolved each time we simply let the whales dictate whether to spyhop, travel or play or swim by us. Although we cannot guarantee what will take place our guests are always entertained. Our pictures and videos give you and idea of our little bit of paradise. Besides the pods of Orca, many other species of marine mammals and land animals will be sighted during your few days in Johnstone Strait.


By the third day, paddling becomes second nature and all the routines of the day will seem easy. Morning sun resolution often offers us a chance to see marine life to forty feet depth. Latter we will take a walk to explore a stand of Old Growth Cedar Trees. And today might be the day to hike or paddle a little further to explore, islets and beaches of distant waters. A few things that make our trip location special include long sunsets, early sunrises and a surrounding of pleasant sounds of local birds, whales and the oceans waters.  Back to camp for a bit, a group or family picture by the big root and a return cruise back to our starting point by 3 pm.