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For more than 20 years, Discovery Expeditions has been taking adventure travelers on sea kayaking expeditions to remote wilderness destinations.

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All of our kayaking guides have a passion for introducing folks to the remarkable environment we are surrounded by on the West Coast of Canada.

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We have an intimate understanding of local waters, weather, and wildlife behavior, which allows each day’s experiences to be spontaneous and exciting.

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Orca Explorer is our longest running (more than 16 years) and most popular Sea Kayaking trip for couples, families, and groups of friends. Two basecamps are used on each of these trips, weather permitting. You are comfortably transported to either our Blackfish Sound or Sophia Island established basecamps that are outfitted with everything you need to comfortably enjoy a wilderness adventure…

South Broughton Explorer is a four-day sea kayaking trip that explores the clusters of islands that make up the southern portion of the Broughton Archipelago. Our kayaking runs along the edge of waters where both Humpback whales and Orca whales travel and play. Each day, we venture through remote passages and clusters of islets rich in marine life and perfect for a day of whale watching and …

North Broughton Explorer is a six-day sea kayak adventure that explores the entire length of the Broughton Marine Park. This adventure is a classic that takes in heaps of wildlife sightings, a taste of native culture and a blend of sheltered and exposed water sea kayaking. Highlights include three days of camping/sea kayaking through a maze of island and islets featuring spontaneous wildlife…

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Orca Explorer is one of our most popular outdoor adventures. It is a four-day sea kayaking trip utilizing two basecamps specifically located to enhance the best wildlife and wilderness viewing in Johnstone Strait or Blackfish Sound. The sea kayaking is easy to moderate and takes in a combination of spectacular sheltered and moving water passages. Trips accommodate families on select weeks and couples/small groups of friends on most of the other dates. Two Guides lead your trip and offer their infectious enthusiasm to provide the best adventure travel experience possible. A third person will prepare meals and assist you at basecamps.

We ensure that your kayak trip will be safe and enjoyable and that it will become a cherished lifetime memory. The breathtaking beauty of the islands, inlets, abundant wildlife, and sounds of this area offer you an unparalleled wilderness experience. Exploring this area via kayak allows you to connect with your natural surroundings at a very personal level, enriching your entire experience. We have learned the most effective ways to offer exciting wildlife encounters at an acceptable distance from the animals so as not to affect their behavior. Often, as we remain still and quiet, wildlife will move towards us, affording a closeup encounter that will truly last in your memory for a lifetime.

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